How the mind works sometimes

That night, our call ended with the sunlight peeking in through the gaps between the flowy, blue curtain. The first of our many late night phone calls. That morning, I woke up worried, confused and angry, with my cellphone clutched tightly in my hand because you forgot to call me back after work. We fought... Continue Reading →


Why old is gold

I might be wrong but I think every one of us has that one shirt at home that we have had from ages. Our moms hate that shirt and always threaten to throw it out. We love it despite its faded colour and maybe even a few holes. We come back to it every time... Continue Reading →

Graceful Exit

As I press the play button, I promise myself that it was the last time. I have at least a hundred of those little voice notes and you show your love in 99 of them but my fingers always hover over that last one. I must have listened to it a few times now, yet... Continue Reading →

Never Enough

As a human We dream about futures And even wonder of death. But only when we are lost Or left stranded, Weak and all alone We think of our 'worth'. How we live and love, Unconditionally, Only to be labelled selfish Or uncompromising In the end. It should have been 'Us' against those problems When... Continue Reading →


Hey babe, It's not been long since we became part of each other's lives but sometimes it feels like we've known each other longer (maybe I'm exaggerating, sorry). I know we text and call and our phone calls are not dull (I admit I bore you). The silence is good and not awkward (at least... Continue Reading →

She is Scared.

Scared. Afraid. Unsure. Torn. These are few of the things that come to mind when she thinks of her love life, if it can even be called one. After putting efforts and loving everyone the best way she could, she was always left behind. It wasn't just her lovers or boyfriends that made her lose... Continue Reading →

How Was Your Day?

“How was your day?” A very simple question that we often ask each other. You usually answer it with a, “oh it was fine” or “ugh I had the worst day of my life today” But we rarely wait to explain it or go into any detail. It is a preliminary question that is asked... Continue Reading →

How “casual” is a casual relationship?

While going through a difficult phase of your life, which by the way, no one cares about, the last thing a girl needs is a "casual relationship". After several failed 'serious' relationships and numerous encounters with men who weren't good enough to date, you finally decide to give up on your love life. But suddenly... Continue Reading →

Physical vs Virtual Reality

Note: I had written this on 28th of February and it was just sitting there since then. I know it's been said a number of times and I'd like to say it again - airports are truly a wonderful place to be. I have a connecting flight which has forced me to sit at the... Continue Reading →

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