Highlight: Family vacation

Sorry guys!!

I did not update my blog last week because I was on a vacation for the weekend but I’m back and ready to share my weekly experiences with you now.

Starting with last week, I’m happy to say that I have finally settled on a plot and storyline for my book. And I know I have a long way to go but it is a good start. I’ll definitely share more about that with you later.

The highlight of last week was definitely our family weekend getaway. We started our journey on Friday early morning and reached our destination in the evening. The drive was smooth and we reached without any problems, despite everyone thinking we would be tired or lost(because we were following the GPS). The hotel I had booked was also nice and close to the beach so we went out for a walk before dinner.

The next morning we traveled for an hour to a nearby beach area which was a lot nicer and more filled with tourists. My mum wanted us to stay there because she liked it better than the one we had just come from. We went for a swim and spent the day at the beach only to return before sunset to have a shower and go out again.

We went to the main beach for the sunset and clicked some really great pictures. We ate a lot during the entire journey so I’m not gonna delve much into the food. I am personally not fond of seafood but the others enjoyed it a lot. After a night of walking around and drinking and enjoying, it was another day well spent.

On sunday, we returned to our hotel in Mandarmani and went to the beach to just look around since it would take an hour to prepare our lunch. First it was only us kids going out there because we were bored but soon enough everyone was down at the beach and we decided to ride the banana rides. We hadn’t taken part in any adventure sports because my cousins were afraid of the water and all but soon everyone was ready to go.

That was another experience to be treasured. It was so spontaneous and exhilariting at the same time. We were all giddy with the adrenaline after the ride was over. We were late for lunch but it was worth it.

Now even though we were tired from travelling and moving around continuously for all three days, we still decided to some sight seeing so we went to this resort cum park called the Rose Valley. There we took a toy train ride because it was a sprawling property and everything was worth watching. There was a temple and the back opened on to the beach.

For the sunset we came back inside and climbed on an artificial cruise boat to see the sunset. It was beautiful and peaceful and I wish I could go back there. After we returned to our hotel some of us decided to go to the local market for some last minute gift shopping and street food eating. I bought a nice pair of earrings for myself. It was love at first sight. πŸ˜‰

On Monday, our return journey was concluded and we had a little problem with our car so we reached home late at night. But everything was definitely worth it. I have been to family vacations every year for the last 7-8 years and after every vacation I feel exactly this glad to have spent time with my family. It is always the best vacation each time.

As for this week, nothing exciting or worth reporting has happened except for my severe bout of headache on Friday night. The pain was so immense I thought I was going to die and a few things struck my mind which really made me think where my life is going. More of that in the next blog. I might update early, so keep reading, keep waiting and keep showing me love.

See you next post. πŸ˜‰


First week of a New Year

So I know in my last blog I had said I’d update daily but the next day I fell ill (just cough and cold) and then I also realised that in the past few years I failed to keep a diary then I wasn’t gonna change in a day.

Therefore I have decided that I’ll instead start small i.e. update every Sunday. Even though I don’t have something to say I’ll make sure I post something.

Anyways enough babbling.

So I had said I’d try to something new or different everyday. It’s safe to say that it is a really difficult thing to do. Especially for someone as lazy as me.

I’m really more of a lying on the bed, surfing the net or reading the vook kind of girl. So I started with exercising.

It was a different thing because I absolutely hate working out. But it was good. I actually felt good after half an hour of exercise. 

The next day I tried reading magazines but I started with something I like which is Reader’s Digest. Out of all the magazines that we have subscribed to at our house, that is the only one I like reading. 

Next I tried to change my sleep pattern which is still proving to be difficult. I can’t fall asleep at night and I am sleepy the entire day. It is irritating for everyone around me but I haven’t still achieved early to bed, early to rise.

I had an exam on Saturday so I also spent some time preparing for it. I don’t really know if I did good but I do hope I qualify. I am done living with family. I miss being alone and independent. I want my college life back.

So I’ll stop now because I think this is enough and I’ve just come back from shopping so I need to send pictures of my new dresses to my sister to make her jealous.

Oh and we are also planning to go on a family trip next weekend and I’m in charge of all the planning and booking.

So that’s all for this week’s post.

See you next post. πŸ˜‰

New Year


Hey guys, there’s 15 minutes to midnight and thus the first of yet another year will be officially over.

[The moon looked far more beautiful than what it looks in the picture, trust me]

Now everyone is always saying whatever good things and bad things you do on the first day of New Year is gonna be sort of inculcated as a habit for the rest of year.

Therefore people make so many resolutions.

But I’ve decided that my new year won’t just be about resolutions and random things I wish I could or would do.

Instead what I’m gonna do is start doing something new each day, something that I don’t usually do or have done till now.

And I’ll share my experiences with you. I don’t think there’s gonna be that many new things to do but I’ll give it my best shot.

In addition I’d really like to write daily, and not just blogging or poem on my instagram page but working on completing that book I have been putting off for years now.

By the way, today me and my cousin did some DIY work out of old clothes, I’ll upload some pictures tomorrow if it looks as good as I think it does.

For now let’s just try going to sleep early (midnight is early for me).

I’ve been told my migraine/neuralgia will be cured if I sleep and wake up early. So let’s try that.

See you next post. πŸ˜‰

Woes of the young one.

People who have been keeping up with my blogs know I’m not quite in the “stable” place a 21 year old should be.

I don’t have a perfect life, family or even any job. My life, for a lack of better words, is in shambles. And I am not necessarily doing anything to make it better.

For a long time now I had a feeling that I was depressed but I usually brush it off by fighting with friends and family, by writing, by sleeping, by getting dressed and going out and some days by eventually crying in the bathroom.

I had always been labeled as the “unrealistic” kid among my siblings. Being the youngest of three isn’t the best experience either. But I managed to laugh it all off. I managed to appear tough.

Then come days like these last few days when I read something, some story, some book, some person and their story resonates with me. Reading stuff like that pulls me in and throws me in a whirlpool of self pity and judgement which is hard to climb out of. The characters whether fictional or real always make me feel things so deeply.

When they’re stuck or grieving, it automatically gives me a right to cry out my pain because then there is a reason for my crying. I won’t be the crazy girl who cries because she’s feeling lonely and misunderstood.

Sometimes I cry because I’m way too emotional and can’t separate myself from an incident and sometimes I’m numb through it all.

I feel like I’m broken. Like some toy that malfunctions because it wasn’t manufactured correctly. I feel like everyone else around me works like clock work so whatever is wrong with me isn’t just a flaw but also abnormal and I should hide it from others.

But even as I’m feeling all these things I know I have every right to be flawed and broken. I don’t need the approval of others to know I’m a good person.

I know all these things yet I crave for someone to tell me that I matter. That I’m not broken or flawed. That I have a right to feel lonely, sad or whatever else I feel. That it’s okay to cry for no reason at all.

Sometimes being the youngest member of a family isn’t just about being a punching bag or the butt of every joke, sometimes being the youngest means having the support of all the older members, having their love and respect like any other person.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t viewed as some stupid kid and thought of as the adult I have become in all these years.

Like all my otger blogs I know some or even all of this won’t make sense. But it will, to me, someday. And till that day comes I’m gonna read, write, cry and wipe my tears and move along.

See you next post. πŸ˜‰

Merry Christmas

Hey guys!!!!

Merry Christmas..

It’s that time of the year when you get to be happy and celebrate everything good in life.

I don’t even know why I become so happy. We don’t even celebrate Christmas in our house. I do want to but my parents are not quite there. So anyways, my best friend is a Christian and they celebrate Christmas so good at her house. I stay there at her house for the entire day. 

All the decorations, food, music and cake, it makes me more happy than usual. But since I’m not feeling well I have to shut up and enjoy it at home by listening to all the Christmas music I have on my phone and drinking hot chocolate.

It’s still gonna be fun because I won’t let it be any other way.

Times like these I wonder why we have to be divided on the basis of all these religions and celebrate different things. Seems stupid if you ask me.(I’m bummed I have to stay in all day)

Well, can’t change the society and its dumb rules, can I ?

So I’m just gonna go back to laying down under the covers and eat everything sweet and chocolaty I can find. And maybe if mum is happy she’ll bring me my hot chocolate too.

Merry Christmas once again folks!!!

See you next post. πŸ˜‰


Hey guys!! I am back again after a long break from writing. Those who read my last few blogs know I was struggling to write something good and whatever I wrote didn’t seem good enough.

So here I am coming out of my hibernation because a friend wanted to guest post again. Without further ado, please read the poem by Aditya Ajay and check out his Instagram page by clicking here.


Beautiful as a butterfly, 
Warm as the morning sun, 
Touching like a poetry and 
Deep as an ocean.
A woman is so complete.
A wise man once called her 
A work of art. 
All your hair would turn grey, 
But you won’t be able to figure out 
What she is thinking. 
Her heart is like a magical vault 
That opens only 
When the right words are spoken. 
A vault, 
Where all her desires are locked.
Each one of us has dreams: 
Some big, some small.
They are what keeps us awake
When everyone sleeps. 
But is SHE not allowed to dream? 
Why is she so weak today?
For the sake of bread and butter,
She has to sell her beautiful body
And likewise her pure soul. 
With limited options in her closet,
She has to open her body 
And close her eyes. 
She has to shut
the doors of her heart
To this dirty world around
And let the worst things happen.
She is too tired today. 
People can very well see
Her open body. 
But, that doesn’t bother her,
As the body is just the outer shell;
It is the temple 
To the sacred goddess within her.
This creates a void
In her heart forever.
She will never be able
To love again. 
She loses herself 
Every time she lets them touch her.
She knows she will never
Get a prince charming, 
Someone who’d touch her 
Without actually touching.

I hope you liked the poem and I promise to be back with more posts soon.

See you next post. πŸ˜‰

Don’t know what

So far the past few days I can’t write.

I mean I can obviously write things but I don’t thing they are good enough or hold any value. I think that whatever I am writing is just rubbish. There’s so much going on in my head that I can’t grasp one single thing and write about it.

Writing is like breathing for me and I am not exaggerating here. I truly feel I can miss my coffee in a day but without writing even a single line my day can’t be over. Even when I was in college studying Forensic, I was writing something or the other and it may not be of any value but it did not matter to me then. I just needed to get it out of my system and I did by pouring it all out on a paper.

But now with a blog and an instagram page, I think it’s getting a tad bit difficult to keep the flow, even when I have lots of free time and a platform to share my thoughts, I can write so much but I am unable to.

I can usually pick out the loudest voice in my head and express it through words but these days it’s like every voice is loud and I can’t seem to grasp at any one of it. Every voice feels meaningful and as I sit to write something, the other voices demands my attention. Like in this moment I am really trying to block out everything. I am not even looking at the screen because I don’t want my flow to be interrupted by mistakes or spellings.

In my head I am not thinking about space or paragraphs I am just thinking about writing and maybe I won’t even publish this because it may feel like a rant. Wow I got distracted again.

I was going to tell you guys about how I felt this was a writer’s block so I decided to read. And I read a lot of things, magazines and articles but nothing helped so I turned to reading some blogs and I found some really interesting and helpful blogs which made me realise that writer’s block is just some fancy word for these loud voices in my head that struggle to come out and since I can’t seem to pick any one of it so I completely stop writing and from there I start falling down into a spiral because I have no other means of getting it all out.

Talking about things may be helpful but at the end of the day the only thing that helps me is writing so I have decided I am going to open a word document and just type away till all the voices settle down.

Does all this talk about voices in my head make me sound paranoid???

Well I don’t really care as long as I know I’m okay. πŸ™‚

See you next post. πŸ˜‰

P.S. I did go back and edit some mistakes but left the entire post as it is so sorry if it doesn’t make any sense.